Outokumpu is the global leader in stainless steel

choosing the right stainless steel is the key to maximize performance and optimize solutions in any industry. stainless steel is sustainable, durable and designed to last forever.

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financial statements release 2019

红包扫雷软件大全 significant reduction of net debt to eur 1,155 million.

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together with our customers, we drive society forward through sustainable solutions.

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feb 7th, 2020

Outokumpu President & CEO Roeland Baan to step down in May

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红包扫雷软件大全feb 5th, 2020

Outokumpu – Share rewards in Restricted Share Pool

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feb 5th, 2020

Outokumpu – Notice to the Annual General Meeting

Stock Exchange Releases

红包扫雷软件大全feb 5th, 2020

Outokumpu Financial Statements Release 2019 – Significant redu...

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红包扫雷软件大全feb 3rd, 2020

Outokumpu recognized as an industry leader in the Sustainabili...


红包扫雷软件大全jan 20th, 2020

Outokumpu’s fourth-quarter adjusted EBITDA higher than expected

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dec 20th, 2019

Outokumpu – Transfer of the company’s own shares

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红包扫雷软件大全dec 19th, 2019

Outokumpu – Next plan period 2020–2022 for share-based program...

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